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Global CIO Overviews

Global Equity and Fixed Income Overviews

17 Nov 2016

Dominic Rossi, Global CIO - Equities, and Charles McKenzie, CIO - Fixed Income, go head-to head on what 2017 could mean for equity and ... Learn more

Global Multi-Asset Overview

17 Nov 2016

James Bateman, CIO - Multi Asset, looks at what next year holds for economic growth, urges some caution on expectations for multiple Fed rate ... Learn more


Global Equity Outlook

2017: A US growth story Learn more

Global Fixed Income Outlook

2017: Don't bank on a great rotation Learn more

Global Multi Asset Outlook

2017: Surprise Learn more


Emerging Market Equities Outlook

17 Nov 2016

Nick Price, Portfolio Manager - Emerging Market Equities, explains why digitisation, government reforms and growing incomes are attracting him ... Learn more

European Equities Outlook

17 Nov 2016

Matt Siddle, Portfolio Manager - European Equities, gives his outlook for European equities, highlights the key risks facing the region and ... Learn more

Asian Equities Outlook

17 Nov 2016

Catherine Yeung, Investment Director - Asian Equities, discusses what potential US trade protectionism and a stronger dollar could mean for Asian markets. She explains how ... Learn more

China Equities Outlook

17 Nov 2016

Raymond Ma, Portfolio Manager - China Equities, believes the China consumer story is very much alive. Here, he discusses the significance of Singles Day, drills into the country’s retail ... Learn more

US Equities Outlook

17 Nov 2016

Angel Agudo, Portfolio Manager - US Equities, discusses areas where he is finding opportunities; keeping in mind the evolving monetary and fiscal policies, expected rise in infrastructure and ... Learn more

Global Equity Income Outlook

17 Nov 2016

Dan Roberts, Portfolio Manager - Global Equity Income, describes 2016 as a year of two halves, underlining the change in sentiment and sector ... Learn more

Fixed Income

Fixed Income Outlook

17 Nov 2016

Ian Spreadbury, Senior Portfolio Manager - Fixed Income, expects his thesis of slow growth and low global inflation to continue. He highlights the headwinds to growth, including global ... Learn more

European Fixed Income Outlook

17 Nov 2016

Curtis Evans, Investment Director - European Fixed Income, discusses the next steps for the European Central Bank in the year ahead, the opportunities he ... Learn more


Multi-Asset Outlook

17 Nov 2016

Eugene Philalithis, Portfolio Manager - Global Multi Asset, expects fiscal policy to jump start inflation in 2017. He explains how he is reducing interest rate sensitivity in the ... Learn more