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September 2015

Local motion: Asia¡¯s strength in diversity

China¡¯s spectacular economic rise has shaped the investment landscape across Asia for the past decade and more. Its slowdown in growth is now reshaping that landscape, causing investors to reassess their approach to the region. While many are focussed on the negatives associated with the slowdown, others are considering the opportunities that it may bring.

September 2015

FF ¨C Global Dividend Fund Q&A Dan Roberts

The Fidelity Global Dividend Fund has, since launch, beaten all funds in the Morningstar Offshore Global Equity Income sector, ranking first out of 46 funds. The Fund has also delivered the lowest drawdown in the sector with volatility lower than the index and the sector average. More recently, Dan Roberts¡¯ focus on capital preservation has successfully provided strong downside protection during the market volatility experienced in July and August. In this Q&A he talks about his views on the current market environment and the positioning of the fund.

September 2015

Stay the course as markets work through another wave of deflation

As another wave of deflation washes over global markets, US and UK monetary authorities should sit on their hands and postpone any planned tightening. Raising interest rates at this stage would be a costly mistake, needlessly aggravating the suffering in emerging markets and intensifying the drag on global growth, with negative consequences for equity markets.

July 2015

Embracing the dividend: Shareholder-focused culture supports equity income strategies

Are companies wise to spend so little on capital investment, and so much on shareholder- friendly actions? In this economic cycle, capital expenditure has been unusually low almost everywhere, while M&A activity and share buybacks are making headlines and dividend payments have held up strongly.

Fidelity Webcasts

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    Dominic Rossi

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    Andrew Wells

    Global Chief Investment Officer, Fixed Income, Solutions and Real Estate

  • Good opportunities in Asia still exist

    Dale Nicholls

    Portfolio Manager, Asia-Pacific Equities

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