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June 2016

What does the UK's vote to leave the EU mean for investors?

The UK has voted to leave the EU in a national referendum. What can investors expect next?

June 2016

Brexit: Can the UK afford to leave the EU?

After months of debate, the Brexit referendum is fast approaching. For investors, the focus should be on the main vulnerabilities of the UK economy, in particular its twin deficits, with the country heavily reliant on trade and foreign capital flows.

March 2016

FF-Global Dividend Fund
Safety in uncertain times

2015 was characterised by more than its fair share of uncertainty. The year started with hopes that the weak economic recovery would finally strengthen, as well as expectations that US interest rates would rise and the global economy would return to normality. Unfortunately growth weakened, currencies became more volatile and emerging markets suffered. Despite this uncertainty, the FF Global Dividend Fund continued to deliver attractive performance.

March 2016

FF-Germany Fund
Five years of outperformance

FF Germany Fund has maintained a top decile position against its Morningstar peer group for every year of the last five years (as at 31 January 2016). In this Perspective, portfolio manager Christian von Engelbrechten shares his strategy for continuing that outperformance.

January 2016

The case for multi asset investment

All investment is based on one key question: how can we use markets to achieve financial goals? In recent years, the investment industry has become more explicitly focused on building 'solutions', responding to growing investor demand for comprehensive strategies to meet their investment needs. Such solutions can include sustainable income, capital preservation, protection against inflation or steady capital appreciation within a low volatility framework.

January 2016

Managing volatility and liquidity in HY and EM debt

Global markets have had a challenging start to 2016. In fixed income, credit has underperformed government debt, with high yield (HY) and emerging market (EM) debt suffering particularly.

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