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Fidelity Perspectives

Feb 2015

FF - Global Dividend Fund
Compelling cross-cycle returns

Dan discusses his portfolio strategy to maintaining good returns across various market conditions

Feb 2015

US valuations: not an obstacle to further market progress

US equities have outperformed other major markets in recent years and the outlook remains strong, thanks to an improving economy, worldleading companies and brands, narrowing twin deficits, and a strengthening dollar.

Jan 2015

Winners and losers from the oil slump

Arguably the most important economic development of 2014 was the slump in global oil prices in the second half of the year.

Jan 2015

FF - China Focus Fund
Cyclical headwinds, structural tailwinds

Jing Ning remains positive on the long-term outlook for structural growth in China and expects 2015 to herald the start of a full implementation of reforms.

Dec 2014

FF - America Fund

The fund manager provides an update on the performance and positioning of the fund, and gives his current assessment of the state of the US market.

Nov 2014

FF - Global Dividend Fund

The manager says investors can expect his fund to deliver sustainable annual dividend growth in mid-single digits by investing in tomorrow's dividend aristocrats.

Fidelity Webcasts

  • US equities to maintain upward trend in 2015

    Dominic Rossi

    Global Chief Investment Officer, Equities

  • Global fixed income market outlook

    Andrew Wells

    Global Chief Investment Officer, Fixed Income, Solutions and Real Estate

  • Good opportunities in Asia still exist

    Dale Nicholls

    Portfolio Manager, Asia-Pacific Equities

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